Vission & Mission...


Our Vision:


  • 1. To develop food originates through efficient, effective and low-cost food systems that are compatible with sustainable use of natural resources.

2. To develop agricultural sector as a corporate division and make the environment pollution free and attaining safe global society.

3. To make our country as developed one and reach vision 2020 with effective utilization of youth’s energetic power.

4. Adopting minimum risk-more profitability style.

5. To establish Agro based industries.

6. Formatting infrastructure for transport, storage and distribution of agriculture products at wide areas.

7. To encourage small investors and helps them to provide bright future.

8. To encourage graduates with best employment.


Our Mission:


1. To achieve healthy and profitable growth of the company in the interest of our customers & the shareholders.

2. To encourage teamwork, reward innovation and maintain healthy interpersonal relations within the organization in order to achieve best resolution at agriculture corporate sector.

3. To expand knowledge and remain at the leading edge in technology to serve the global market with basic agro products and its basic industries development.

4. To understand the customer’s needs and provide solutions that merely selling products to them which is being a burden to their standard of living and make these products at      reasonable prices with organic culture which would reduce their stress and secures quality agro foods to them and their family.

5. To create intellectual capital by investing in agro industries this generates more wealth, health and happiness to every individual and society.



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