SBR GROUP involves a large number of peoples to attain common goals and norms. Here you can observe that a true group exhibits an degree of social cohesion and creates social interaction which seeks for our economic growth.


Hence, it is formed as “SBR” which have an roadmap for more development of various agricultural areas. Therefore, SBR AGRICULTURAL FARMS PRIVATE LIMITED with
ROC NO: U01119AP2010PTC066868
involves four divisional segment that are operating its functions at existing market. They are:











The main objective of a real estate investor is to obtain ownership of property to be able to manage the property and derive income from the investment. Real estate investment can provide a source of income to owners of property by marketing it . our business not also presents this attitude but also incurs the life dream of middle people income levels.


For every individual they have own desire to acquire there own residence. Even though they are striving hard to fulfill that desire. But a vast number of barriers being stood among them I,e., increasing of basic things prices, raising inflation levels, decreasing saving rates and  expenses levels are hiked to peak levels.


Our wish is to protect your dreams by fulfilling basic requirements by encouraging you to attain your property through our best policies. Thus we support you for purchase of lands to your residence purpose along with we provide infrastructure facilities where we are planning soon, that would helps to ‘u’ for holding of capital property to you and your future generation with best prices. Already we are very familiar with real estate business within few days we also entering into infrastructure area.


Our strategies can be viewed as below and you can have a idea about us.





A farm is an area of land, through recurring structures it devoted primarily to the practice of producing and managing food production, grains, livestock, fibers and vegetable oils etc. It is the basic production capacity in agro-based food industry. Therefore, farms are to be operated by corporate culture rather than individuals, and that leads for best results.


The term farming covers a wide spectrum of agricultural production work. The goal of farming was to work collectively as a community to grow and harvest crops that could be grown in mass such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton, various fruits and vegetables, pluses and other cash crops. Thus it began to grow food exclusively for the feeding of livestock as well as for the community. With the growth of actual civilization the farmer's focus changed from basic survival to that of financial gain. Therefore, we ultimately arrived at a new age of industry where the farm could be maintained by fewer human resources and utilizing various technical equipments for cultivation. This change has been discovered a complete revolution for farming.


Hence it is the reason where SBR FARMS had been entered; in order to upgrade agriculture system we framed some objective to reach specific targets. Our main attention is to supply bulk of agro based-products to the community. For that we developed a systematic process which has to be followed by organic nature cultivation, which holds good health to the people and good environment to the society.


Our plans have been systematically implemented at Gunupur Region, Rayagada District, Orissa. Our perception is, to originate polluted free cultivation with high fertile soil with suitable climatic condition and related various objectives. Therefore all these criteria’s have been fulfilled by that region. So we have choosen best alternatives among existed environment.


Thus our strategy is, growing of agricultural farms with corporate culture where it yields quality and effective agro based products to end users for consumption purpose and customer can secure these products with reasonable price whereas consumer can get our product to their door step by having our membership cards and we also supply raw materials to industrial agro-based customers. For more details view our email address and clarify your doubts.




It is a non commercial voluntary educational  foundation ,with the aims of expansion and promotion of education to the children, who are the future leaders of the nation, because  backward and underdeveloped  areas are seeking less education and  there bright future have been put at darken places and doesn’t have any lighten knowledge to them.


DR. A.P.J ABDUAL KALAM, who is our Ex-President address this problem, which has multiple dimensions. He tells us, about the non-availability of infrastructural facilities in schools, the problem of syllabi followed in the school and the non-availability of quality teachers.


Above neglected area can be restructured only by fulfilling the needs of the occupation and inculcate high moral values among students in addition to their learning skills. Thus it will possible through, delivering of quality education by quality teachers. Here The teacher has to be a committed, and  teacher should  loves his/her teaching field and children,  surely, teachers  may create successful leaders and make them hard and stronger for facing toughest jobs and attain wonderful solution and excellent results by young citizens.


Therefore, our foundation has being generating such young and dynamic youth by giving quality education, healthy food and by conducting cultural activities in order to bring there innovate skills which is hidden in them and also teach them our traditional ethics that existed in meditation, may leads to the development of positive perceptions that would creates self confidence at them and helps for there bright future. Why because, today youth energy  powers were poor due to lack of self confidence,  negative perception, low practical knowledge. Hence all these aspects can be ruled out only by best quality and effective education with the support of powerful desires and capturing abilities with communication stiffness that are spreading by SBR FOUNDATIONS.


Therefore our foundation, road map has driven to gunupur region where a large number of children’s existed and doesn’t have any education societies. So, we captured and adopted that area for rural children education purpose by providing them basic needs and also protecting children rights and there freedom. So that our foundation create them as future dynamic leaders.


With observing our visual photos you can understand our service motive. If you want to do something to these poor children’s. We can promote your activities by our foundation on behalf of your name and donation. For more details contact our emails and telephone numbers.





The growth of agro business renders through offering premium quality Seeds. Our perception is to become major producers of Agro Seeds.  We are framing a lot to support the agricultural development in rural areas. Our business motive is aimed towards giving maximum benefits to the farmers of India. The different varieties of Paddy, cotton, wheat, pluses, various fruits including number of vegetables and cash crop seeds are provided by us, and guides for cultivating these crops through organic process which ultimately assures high yields. Besides, our Agro Seeds exhibits excellent taste as well as health when used for culinary purposes.

We provide Agro Seeds by national Seed Certified Agencies. We are concerting more to spread our Agro Seeds throughout India, but especially we secured various variety seeds from various regions and cultivating a sample testing at gunupur fields and acting has a research centre which is supervising by our Horticulture experts because we are a customer centric organization and thus our business endeavors are intended towards offering maximum client satisfaction. To accomplish the same, we serve premium quality agro seeds at fair prices. With this, we also provide tips to increase the productivity like sowing seed on time, adding nitrogen and gypsum to the fields, using proper irrigational technique, growing vegetable pea, etc.


Our Seeds are treated with friendly chemicals that assure pest free plants. We cultivate seeds though organic methods using high grade manure. The manure used in cultivation is completely natural which provide minerals to the plant. Our irrigational and harvesting methods also include machinery which has eco-friendly nature. With our preliminary testing which is held at our fields and by observing final result only, we prefer those quality seeds and distribute them to the ultimate framers


Therefore by practicing this type of venture i.e., by supporting small farmers and guiding them how to utilize organic manures and eco fertilizers, we can arrive high quality of agro-based products within short spam at the same time our organization will purchase there products for fair prices and market them with reasonable prices and through this organization, we can raise agriculture percentage levels and promotes economic growth to the society. And this moment farmer’s income levels will be increased and tends to have happy home to them. Hence our aim is to support small farmers along with corporate innovative culture at agriculture sector, by practicing it we can possess this sector as a backbone to our country. So”old is gold” proverb is perfectly matching and adding value for this sector.




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