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Food, shelter and clothing are our most essential needs and are at the bottom of the pyramid of needs for life.

“Of these, the only sector perennially going to be in short supply is food, for the simple reason, people are quitting agriculture and moving to cities for better opportunities. Most important, the youth do not fancy an agri-career.”

In every industry, the prices are always being driven by customer demand and tastes. But in India, it is the suppliers or middlemen - who control the agriculture sector and the end customers, face the brunt.

“Ironically a rather Utopian concept prevails in our country's agriculture system of farm to fork. A farmer needs to do all the complex tasks himself, from entire human food chain of production to consumption till the food reaches to the consumer's table and has to ensure the systems and technologies for the quality and safety of food.

“To lessen the burden of entire food chain, the farmers need assistance in planning cultivation, marketing produce, managing finances, but there is no one to help them.

In order to over come all these anomalies in agriculture system, SBR AGRICULTURAL FARMS PRIVATE LIMITED is coming into the light among darken agriculture sector with a view to upgrade agriculture fields with corporate ideology and adding support to the second green revolution for the economy growth of the country and by producing quality agro products to the end customers.
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