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The founder of this organization is sri. T.Gopala Krishna Murthy who was an expert in technology aspects.  From 1991-2007 he was an expert person at capital equipments technology and trained a large number of ITI and various personnel peoples who were required for medium and small firms for technical departments. After that from 2008 onwards he entered into the area of Real Estate which yielded to him name and fame. At this situation he thought to do something to the society because “the person who offer more help-hand to the development of society and make every human feel happy with his acts then only, that person is said to be a real leader/successful human being”.

By this he came with a new ideology i.e., to upgrade AGRICULTURE sector why because today we are in fast moving generation, everyone want instant foods and want to attain fast growing future due to competitive nature which had existed in the world. But in our human civilization world, every one giving more criteria to the wealth with that we are trying to live more comfort. It is possible to some extent but not completely because we totally neglected environment protection so that we are loosing the beauty of nature and its natural fruits which give health and happiness to us and our family. All these situations will be possible with the development of healthy and corporate agriculture.

“Agriculture is the production of food, feed, fiber and other goods by the systematic growing and harvesting of plants and its related areas. It is the science of working land and using it to raise plants”.


In 2008-2009 the corporate ideology has been framed and registered with the name of ”SBR AGRICULTURAL FARMS PRIVATE LIMITED” and its motive is to provide healthy food to every individual so that wealth and happiness will be created at their minds which leads them to develop themselves because without having healthy human physic how can a human attain energy and generate innovative ideas? So, wealth is important and at the same time having polluted free food is most significant aspect because we cultivate agro-based food products with organic modem that generates healthy family and obtain happiness to every individual and that creates healthy and developed society.

Thus, our tagline is:  ”We Provide WH2“ i.e., providing Wealth, Health and Happiness to each and every human which leads to our civilization development and also for safety environment possibility which creates healthy society to our future generations.


Our aim is to provide the Agro based products at reasonable prices to the end customers with organic food by adopting modern technology in the agriculture sector that could support in uplifting the basic needs of human beings and also possess environmental safety. With this, we can adopt pollution free food and health which leads to our individual, social and global development.

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